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DIY – Double Twisted a Pompadour

Hey lovelies!

Today I’ve got a video tutorial of the #1 voted style from last week. It’s this super sophisticated but still a lot of fun double twisted pompadour.

If you want the deets on how I got this look, check out the video tutorial here




3 Eye-catching French Rolls

Hi loves!

Today I wanted to share 3 eye-catching French rolls with you along with how-to’s for each look. 

I love French rolls because they are extremely dynamic. You can always find a new way to style a French roll. Here are a few different styles I’ve come up with on both stretched and straightened hair and tutorials for each. And for more styles & tricks and tips to French roll versatility click here. Enjoy!

The Mega Side French Roll

Click here to see how I got this look


The French Roll with a Twist

Click here to see how I got this look


The Flat Twist Framed French Roll 
Click here to see how I got this look. Tutorial starts at 3:26



Where I Get My Creative Inspiration

Hi loves!

Coming up with a different style every single day definitely isn’t easy but boy do I love the challenge. As I’m sure you can imagine the inspiration to do something like that has to come from somewhere. Well, today I want to share with you all where I get my creative inspiration.

1. Creative styles by others – so there aren’t a whole lot of naturals that focus on creative updos (at least not that I’ve found). But there are a few Instagram accounts that I do pull inspiration from. The following ladies are always very innovative and unique with their styles which is right up my ally! There looks always get my creative juices flowing.





2. Shapes – Sounds simplye but I’m often inspired by different shapes and how I can incorporate them in my styles. You can learn more about how I do that here.

3. ME – So, I get that it may sound a tad narcissistic when I say that I am my own inspiration but, it’s true! I can’t tell you how often I go through my social feeds looking at old styles that I’ve done and get inspired to do something new. Every day! It’s like an ongoing competition with myself. A healthy competition, but a competition nonetheless :o)

That’s it you guys! These 3 simple sources of inspiration help me create each of my unique styles every day. For more insight on how I come up with my creative styles check out this YouTube video here.

What’s With All The Updos Anyway?

As I was scrolling through my Instagram feed this morning it occurred to me that some of you may be thinking “Dang, what’s up with all these updos?” It’s funny, because I ask myself the same question sometimes! And every time I do, I come up with the same two answers:

1. They are more creative and well, more fun, for ME!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love seeing a naturalista slay a fro, twist out braid out or head full of rod set curls! There’s nothing quite like it. But for me and my personal hair journey updos are just more fun!

There was a time when I was all about curl definition and achieving the texture I saw on other naturals that I adored.  But then, I just got tired of all that! I finally decided to accept my hair for what it is and started focusing on how I can truly enjoy my hair journey.  My discovery of updos was it! 

Once I dove in it was like “Man! I’ve been missing out!” Now I get so easily bored that even when I try to keep it simple and just wear my hair out, at some point in the day I promise you, it will end up in an updo. 

2. It inspires YOU with new ideas so YOU don’t get bored on YOUR personal hair journey.

So, I totally get that everyone isn’t like me. Not everyone can appreciate a slew of styles that are a little, well, out there.

Seriously, I know these looks aren’t normal. But what I want to do is to inspire you to STOP putting limits on your styling ability as well as your ability to wear a certain look confidently!  And while that effort might not appeal to everyone, for the individuals that it does, I pray that what I’m doing opens up your perception of what it means to slay so that you realize your own slayage capability, outside of what you may typically see.

Hope this helps clear up any questions in my updo obsession. Lol!

Love you guys!!

2 Ways To Use Shapes With Your Next Updo

Hi luvs!

Today I want to talk a bit about shape an angles when it comes to hairstyles. In my YouTube video 3 Keys To Developing Creative Styles which you can watch here, I talk about how embracing shape and angles opens up more opportunity for styling options. 

Here are the two main shapes I tend to embrace to come up with unique looks:

1. Circles: you might not realize it but circular styles are easy to come up with, outside of a typical halo/crown braid or bun. Here are a few different styles where I embraced a circular shape or rounded edges. 

2. Triangles – triangular shapes allow me to achieve some really unique looks up front and they tend to be really bold. Take a look at these styles where I embraced a trianglular shape

The easiest way  to achieve these circular or triangular looks is by using 1 or more sections of twisted hair and pulling and pinning them until they form the shape you’re looking for. You can also try to just form the hair into the shape and secure with bobby pins along the way, but this is a bit more difficult. 

That’s it beauties! Try embracing one of these shapes with your next experimental updo and see where you end up.


Something new!

Tried out a new protective style today. I think I like it. I love how my highlights offer so much dimension.

This simple style is just 3 ponytails with two loosely twisted sections per ponytail. The twisted sections in the first ponytail are pinned back to the left side. And for the second and third ponytails I pinned one twist up and the other down. Super simple!

For products I just use Cantu Shea Butter’s Curl Creme and Eco Styler gel for my edges. That’s it! What do you think?






Today’s hair creation

I would never in a million years consider myself a hair stylist. I just don’t have the skill sets. But, it amazes me how much I’ve truly grown to enjoy styling my natural hair! Inspiring others to embrace their curls and try out different style ideas to uncover the versatility of their tresses has really become a passion of mine.

IN LOVE with today’s creation. This is just a bun that I did three loose chunky twists on and pined them down to the side. I topped it off with a side pompadour ❤

Happy Friday Beauties!





Fun Buns!

Soooo, I’ve been having way too much fun with my buns this week. I’m beginning to realized that the opportunities are endless for the different looks you can create.

This natural hair growth challenge truly has enlightened me. Before I started this challenge I would have never been as cognisant about hair health as I am now. Protective styles have become one of my most favorite ways to get creative with my tresses. Loving them!

Here’s a look at some of my styles this week