Where I Get My Creative Inspiration

Hi loves!

Coming up with a different style every single day definitely isn’t easy but boy do I love the challenge. As I’m sure you can imagine the inspiration to do something like that has to come from somewhere. Well, today I want to share with you all where I get my creative inspiration.

1. Creative styles by others – so there aren’t a whole lot of naturals that focus on creative updos (at least not that I’ve found). But there are a few Instagram accounts that I do pull inspiration from. The following ladies are always very innovative and unique with their styles which is right up my ally! There looks always get my creative juices flowing.





2. Shapes – Sounds simplye but I’m often inspired by different shapes and how I can incorporate them in my styles. You can learn more about how I do that here.

3. ME – So, I get that it may sound a tad narcissistic when I say that I am my own inspiration but, it’s true! I can’t tell you how often I go through my social feeds looking at old styles that I’ve done and get inspired to do something new. Every day! It’s like an ongoing competition with myself. A healthy competition, but a competition nonetheless :o)

That’s it you guys! These 3 simple sources of inspiration help me create each of my unique styles every day. For more insight on how I come up with my creative styles check out this YouTube video here.


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