Massive Mane

It’s Saturday Loves!

I hope you all are having a great day. After my workout this morning I took a shower, rinsed my hair and put it in about 10 fairly chunky twists using Shea Moisture Curly Hair Milk. After some Saturday cleaning I unraveled the twists and separated them until POW! Massive mane achieved!






Back to the bun life!

Soooo…after unraveling my twists, which took about two hours, washing my hair with Shea Moisture Moisture Retention Shampoo and conditioning with their Restorative Conditioner, it was back to the bun life today!

I must admit, I miss the twists but a twisted bun never gets old. Here are some pics from today and last night post unraveling but pre wash.

Hope everyone had an awesome day!







The New Co-Worker Natural Hair Introduction

Hello loves,

Last week was my first week back at work but in a new city! I started at AAA’s Atlanta Office of about 8 people total. Quite a change coming from an office of several hundred. None the less, I like it.

I thought that mini twists would be the best way to introduce my curls and kinks to my new coworkers. So, I spent about 6 hours last weekend getting it done. I really think it’s what my hair needed.

I’ve been trying to find the right product combination for my highlighted hair. Since I got it colored its texture has changed a lot. It’s much thicker and much more difficult to retain moisture. I used Cantu’s curl cream to do the twists and have been maintaining with aragan oil and Shea Moisture products.

The twists have definitely made mornings easier, not to mention post work outs too! I’ve started back on a fitness regimen and having the twists has been fantastic!

Hope everyone’s doing well! Here’s a look at some pics from last week.






Repping Fro Friday in the “A”!!

Hello loves!

Well, my family and I have officially moved to Atlanta! I’m so excited about this next chapter of our lives. God has been at the forefront of this move and we will continue to look to Him for guidance.

I was off from work all week to get us all settled in. Things have been great so far. I love our new apartment despite how much smaller it is from our house in FL. It’s perfect…for now.

I had the pleasure of running into natural hair icon and inspiration Natural Chica aka Nikki Mae in the grocery store. I spotted here mega fro a mile away. Kinda made my week!

And now in honor of Fro Friday I’m still rocking my fro in the “A”!!! Here are some pics.





Going out big!

Hello loves!

Well, this week is my last week in Florida before my family and I relocate to Georgia! I’m so excited to start a adventure in a new city. But first…you know I’ve gotta go out big!

Yesterday at work I was totally giving them life at work with this ridiculously awesome fro! Loved it! I’m really going to miss inspiring my coworkers and making the place more exciting. But, onward and upward!






The Birthday Blog Post

I am so blessed to say that I celebrated my 33rd birthday this weekend! In the midst of preparing for a big move to Atlanta, Ga my family and friends still managed to make it awesome!

I had lunch with my incredible mom on Friday and partied it up at Blue Martini that night with some of my favorites. It was so much fun! Good thing that it was because the rest of my weekend including my actual birthday on Saturday was spent packing and cleaning my house.

My son and I will be off to Atlanta this weekend to meet up with my husband and move into our new place. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am about this move! God is doing some incredible things in our lives right now and greatness is coming!

Here’s a look at some pics from my birthday weekend including Friday hair which was prepped with Carol’s Daughter Styling Pudding :o)






Unworthy Blog Post Styles

So…I tried a couple of new styles last week but just didn’t think that they were worthy of a blog post. I always try to be as innovative and inspirational as I possibly can and at the time they just seemed under par for me.

Now in retrospect as I sit here and look back through my pics I’m thinking that maybe I was wrong . I’ll let you guys be the judge. Hope they inspire someone!

The first style is a twist updo and bun and the other is my first attempt at a full flat twist around my head. Obviously I wasn’t overly pleased but I’ll definitely try it again!

Well, that’s it for now loves!