Where I Get My Creative Inspiration

Hi loves!

Coming up with a different style every single day definitely isn’t easy but boy do I love the challenge. As I’m sure you can imagine the inspiration to do something like that has to come from somewhere. Well, today I want to share with you all where I get my creative inspiration.

1. Creative styles by others – so there aren’t a whole lot of naturals that focus on creative updos (at least not that I’ve found). But there are a few Instagram accounts that I do pull inspiration from. The following ladies are always very innovative and unique with their styles which is right up my ally! There looks always get my creative juices flowing.





2. Shapes – Sounds simplye but I’m often inspired by different shapes and how I can incorporate them in my styles. You can learn more about how I do that here.

3. ME – So, I get that it may sound a tad narcissistic when I say that I am my own inspiration but, it’s true! I can’t tell you how often I go through my social feeds looking at old styles that I’ve done and get inspired to do something new. Every day! It’s like an ongoing competition with myself. A healthy competition, but a competition nonetheless :o)

That’s it you guys! These 3 simple sources of inspiration help me create each of my unique styles every day. For more insight on how I come up with my creative styles check out this YouTube video here.


Easy Bun Hawk

Hello beauties!

Probably one of my favorite all time buns and what I considered to be my go-to bun before I layered my hair is this super easy, edgy but chic bun hawk.

Bun hawk on wet hair 


Bun hawk on semi-stretched hair


Bun hawk on semi-stretched hair 

Bun hawk on completely stretched hair  


The technique to get the look never changes but depending on the texture of your hair (wet, semi-dry/stretched or completely stretched) it can come out a little differently like you see above.

Before I started challenging myself to do something different every single day, this was an easy way to get a protective, creative yet simple style, especially if I was really short on time. 

To see just how easy it is to get this look, click here.


The Faux Knot

Hi beauties!

Faux styles can be a lot of fun to wear. There are two that I especially love. One is the faux bob and the other is the faux knot which I want to talk about today. 

This faux knot style is just that, a style that includes what looks like a knot, but isn’t. Here are a few pics:

 This look works best for me on straight hair. I have done it on my more textured hair and the result is more of a pompadour, kinda like the last picture above. 

As for how I get the look, below is a super quick how to of how I got the under knot. You can achieve different variations in how tight you do the twist and how you shape and pin the twist once it’s complete. The over knot is achieved just by pulling the hair up and back. 

I absutely adore this look. Give it a try!


5 Tips to Styling For Your Undercut

Hi beauties!

Today I want to talk about styling for your undercut. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you know that I style my hair for my undercut about 95% of the time. Why? Because I ADORE my cut. I love it’s edgy look but finding a way to make it look classy.  Here is a quick video with 5 tips on how to make styling for your undercut fun and SLAYful. Click here to check it out.


Talking Texture

Good Morning luvs!

So, Today I wanted to talk a bit about my hair texture. I don’t talk too much about it mainly because once I learned how to best work with and style my hair it didn’t really matter anymore. According to the typical hair typing scale I’d say that I have between 3c and 4a type hair. 

Truth of the matter is I don’t have much of a curl pattern at all.  Defining my curls was always a bit of a struggle because the back (which is where my 4a type hair is) would curl beautifully with product. But, when I tried to define the front where the 3c type hair is it just never worked out well. You can see here how hard my curls struggle to really get defined in the front.

Now, wearing a fro was always a lot more fun although my hair would never “pack” the way that so many other naturals’ would. My fro always looks and feel like cotton! It doesn’t shrink a whole lot either.  This is why I believe it’s so easy for me to stretch my hair and keep it stretched without much of an issue. Here are a few pics of my hair from fro to stretched to straightened hair all around the same time frame of my journey.



The most beneficial thing I’ve learned about my hair over the years is that, it is what it is. I stopped trying to make it do all the things I always wanted it to do and started allowing it to reach its full potential with various styles. I will never have that gorgeous super curly texture or have the ability to truly shape and sculpt my hair into the perfect fro, but man can I slay an updo!  You have to make the most of what you’ve got, and I make it a point to do that every single day!

Unique Crown Braid – DIY Tutorial

Hi luvs!

Three tutorials in one week! I have been on a serious grind trying to get you guys some good creative content. Today I’ve got a tutorial for this unique crown braid.

Definitely not your typical crown braid! If you missed the blog post where I talk about 5 of my most extraordinary crown braids and how I come up with the ideas you can check it out here.

To see the step by step video on how I got this look featuring one of my favorite styling products, Dark and Lovely’s Easy Twist Gel N’ Butter click here

Enjoy :o)

What’s With All The Updos Anyway?

As I was scrolling through my Instagram feed this morning it occurred to me that some of you may be thinking “Dang, what’s up with all these updos?” It’s funny, because I ask myself the same question sometimes! And every time I do, I come up with the same two answers:

1. They are more creative and well, more fun, for ME!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love seeing a naturalista slay a fro, twist out braid out or head full of rod set curls! There’s nothing quite like it. But for me and my personal hair journey updos are just more fun!

There was a time when I was all about curl definition and achieving the texture I saw on other naturals that I adored.  But then, I just got tired of all that! I finally decided to accept my hair for what it is and started focusing on how I can truly enjoy my hair journey.  My discovery of updos was it! 

Once I dove in it was like “Man! I’ve been missing out!” Now I get so easily bored that even when I try to keep it simple and just wear my hair out, at some point in the day I promise you, it will end up in an updo. 

2. It inspires YOU with new ideas so YOU don’t get bored on YOUR personal hair journey.

So, I totally get that everyone isn’t like me. Not everyone can appreciate a slew of styles that are a little, well, out there.

Seriously, I know these looks aren’t normal. But what I want to do is to inspire you to STOP putting limits on your styling ability as well as your ability to wear a certain look confidently!  And while that effort might not appeal to everyone, for the individuals that it does, I pray that what I’m doing opens up your perception of what it means to slay so that you realize your own slayage capability, outside of what you may typically see.

Hope this helps clear up any questions in my updo obsession. Lol!

Love you guys!!