Tips For French Roll Versatility

Good morning Luvs!!

So earlier this week I decided on a sleek French roll style. I’ve done this style before but whenever I do it, it looks different every time. That effort is of course intentional! I love taking a look and seeing what kind of versatility I can add to it.  The overall look is super easy to achieve and is a fun yet classic style to wear. 

The trick to the versatility is all in the shape. The direction you roll and tuck the hair and how tight or loose you roll and tuck the hair all contribute to making the style different each time. Here are a few pics of some different French roll styles I’ve come up with and tips for each look

1. For this look I started the hair slightly off to the left and tucked fairly tight and straight back. My hair was dry but only slightly stretched for this look.

2. I used completely dry stretched hair for this look. I smoothed the hair off to the left and tucked and rolled the hair loosely to help with the shape. The direction was from the left to the center of my head in the back.

3. For this look the hair was dry and completely stretched. I rolled and tightly tucked the hair immediately and carried through straight back.

4. This one is my favorite.  I started by pulling the hair to the left in a bit of a swirl. I tucked the hair in a very compact but high roll going diagonally.  The hair was again dry and completely stretched. Absolutely loved the shape!

For deets on how I stretch my hair heat free check out the link to my YouTube video on my entire process here:


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