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A Chunky Flat Twist & Bun

Hope you all are doing great. I’ve got that natural hair style new new on deck today!

Decided to try out a new style and I’m seriously digging it. This is a simple chunky flat twist and bun. It’s great for work or to keep your hair up and out of the way on weekends.

Here’s a brief how-to:

First I separated out some hair in the front (this is typically how I start most of my styles). Then I flat twisted that chunk of hair to the left side. I pulled the rest of my hair into a bun and pulled the flat twist back and pinned it close and snug to the bun. That’s it!

Here are some pics






Last Week’s Best Hair!

Happy Sunday Beauties :o)

Just finished giving God glory at Sunday service and wanted to catch up on some blog posts.

Last week was another week of twisted awesomeness for my hair. I had some pretty decent creations but this was by far my favorite. I’ve been working at taking depth and dimension to the next level with my twisted styles and I absolutely love this one! If I can recreate this I’ll definitely do a tutorial for it.

Here are some pics. Have a blessed day!





Going out big!

Hello loves!

Well, this week is my last week in Florida before my family and I relocate to Georgia! I’m so excited to start a adventure in a new city. But first…you know I’ve gotta go out big!

Yesterday at work I was totally giving them life at work with this ridiculously awesome fro! Loved it! I’m really going to miss inspiring my coworkers and making the place more exciting. But, onward and upward!






Unworthy Blog Post Styles

So…I tried a couple of new styles last week but just didn’t think that they were worthy of a blog post. I always try to be as innovative and inspirational as I possibly can and at the time they just seemed under par for me.

Now in retrospect as I sit here and look back through my pics I’m thinking that maybe I was wrong . I’ll let you guys be the judge. Hope they inspire someone!

The first style is a twist updo and bun and the other is my first attempt at a full flat twist around my head. Obviously I wasn’t overly pleased but I’ll definitely try it again!

Well, that’s it for now loves!








Flat Twist Tuesday

Hello loves!

I hope you all are doing great. Today’s hair is a side flat twist with a low bun. Fairly simple and semi protective. I used my new Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Styling Pudding and a little bit
of Eco Styler Gel. Stay tuned for a review on my new CD products! Here are a few pics. Oh… And make up is from my BH Cosmetics 26 Shadow/Blush pallet. Have an awesome day!






Something new!

Tried out a new protective style today. I think I like it. I love how my highlights offer so much dimension.

This simple style is just 3 ponytails with two loosely twisted sections per ponytail. The twisted sections in the first ponytail are pinned back to the left side. And for the second and third ponytails I pinned one twist up and the other down. Super simple!

For products I just use Cantu Shea Butter’s Curl Creme and Eco Styler gel for my edges. That’s it! What do you think?






Bantu knot out in the rain

This is my current situation! We all know that one of the great benefits of having natural hair is not having to really be concerned about the weather. However, if you’re going to go through the challenges of prepping and sleeping on bantu knots it might be a good idea to make sure you’re not going to face rainy weather the next day!

This lighter more bouncy curl style is generally not conducive to rainy or humid weather. Fortunately I think my mad dashing in and out of daycare and back into work was swift enough to save the style. Good thing because I would not be a happy camper if these curls were to completely fall after that uncomfortable night sleep I had!

So…here’s a look at the final result. I used Motions Define My Curls Creme. Not too bad…considering.




Today’s hair creation

I would never in a million years consider myself a hair stylist. I just don’t have the skill sets. But, it amazes me how much I’ve truly grown to enjoy styling my natural hair! Inspiring others to embrace their curls and try out different style ideas to uncover the versatility of their tresses has really become a passion of mine.

IN LOVE with today’s creation. This is just a bun that I did three loose chunky twists on and pined them down to the side. I topped it off with a side pompadour ❤

Happy Friday Beauties!





Fun Buns!

Soooo, I’ve been having way too much fun with my buns this week. I’m beginning to realized that the opportunities are endless for the different looks you can create.

This natural hair growth challenge truly has enlightened me. Before I started this challenge I would have never been as cognisant about hair health as I am now. Protective styles have become one of my most favorite ways to get creative with my tresses. Loving them!

Here’s a look at some of my styles this week






Decisions Decisions

I have the honor of attending my best friend’s wedding this weekend as her Matron of Honor. So excited! I’ve been going back and forth on what type of hair style I should wear for her big day.  An updo is obviously the more traditional and formal way to go so I’ve been heavily considering some sort of twist updo style.  On the other hand I’ve been extremely tempted to straighten my hair.  There’s a cold front coming through the Tampa Bay area which would serve as the perfect weather for straight hair. I’m just not sure what I want to do.  Here are some of the updos I’ve found on Pinterest that I really like. Stay tuned!5792e51bab5a00f916fe9ec5fb7c8535 462730a851c241ae12653066ce0d0fb6 635773645626af0d9bbdd79dedd88d4c e2d5a98e2d7f457118b721d89f1d4e46