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I Love Playing Twister…

With my hair of course! You all know how much I loved twisted updo’s. Honestly, I can’t see that ever changing…unless I decide to do another full big chop. There is just so much versatility and opportunity for awesome styles. The options are endless because I am the architect! Before I go on and on about the awesomeness of twisted updo’s (which I easily can!) here’s a look at a couple of my creations this week. Hope you like them!









Big Chop Part II?

So, I’m a bit unsure of how much I really care but it looks like I’m back at bra strap length since my much needed trim back in March. Hair growth is generally a great thing to me but I’ve been very seriously considering big chop part II.

I think I’m just at that point in my natural hair journey where length just isn’t as important as it once was. These days I care more about hair health and the shape and overall look of a cut or style. I guess we’ll see how much longer it will take before I become fully committed to the idea of chopping my hair off. Stay tuned!

In the mean time here’s a pic of my random length check.


Highlighted and Pressed!!

I finally did it! Last night I got my hair professionally highlighted and pressed!! The first time I’ve let anyone in my hair in 3 years! Needless to say I was extremely nervous. I entrusted my tresses to a young lady by the name of Toya Rucker and let me just say, she did an extraordinary job!

She started with a shampoo followed by a slight blowout and some time under the dryer. Next she applied a product by Redkin called Chromatic using the foil highlight method. It’s actually a clear formula that lifted the natural color of my hair 3 shades lighter. It was very cool!

Afterwards she washed and deep conditioned my hair. Following that she applied a color called Golden Apricot by Redkin to all of my hair and I spent about 20 minutes under the dryer. She washed and then it was on to to the blowout and press!

Before she started she applied a product called It’s a 10 Silk Express Miracle Silk Leave-in. You guys I have never felt my natural hair so straight and light! I was in awe! After the initial amazement came the unfortunate part…the trim. My hair needed a trim fairly bad and although she was delicate I pretty much threw my growth challenge out the window. On the upside my hair is healthier!

So…all in all I am over the moon with the results! Here are some pics of the details.












Growth Challenge Bale Out

So I’m sure some of your are thinking that I’ve completely bailed out on my 6 month growth challenge, which I’m sorry to say isn’t completely wrong!

I’ve been really busy with a great new initiative I can’t wait to share with you all and it’s been consuming a bunch of my time. And while I’ve still been sticking with a lot of the core elements of my growth challenge like no heat, wash & deep condition once a week and wearing protective styles, I have become a bit of a slacker when it comes to moisturizing and sealing my ends 3x a week, taking my vitamins and drinking enough water.

Now that I’m approaching the end of the challenge and my 3 year natural hair anniversary I’m not too sure that I will have reached my mid-back goal. The last time I did a random length check I was at BSL, so I guess we’ll see! Stay tuned!

If you’re in the middle of a growth challenge, do better than I did! Don’t get distracted! And well, if you do it’s not the end of the world :o)

New Product Fun

It’s been a while since I tried any new products so I decided to stop and picked up a few newbies.

As most of you know I am in love with almost all of the Cantu products I’ve tried, so when I spotted the new Coconut Curling Creme and Daily Oil Moisturizer I had to scoop those up.

I also spotted a new product from the Dark and Lovely Au Naturale line called Anti-breakage Super Softening Hair Butter. However, after researching it a bit further it’s actually more ideal for transitioning hair. So, I think I’ll pass it along to my sister who I’m super excited to say has decided to start her transition to the world of kinks and curls!

Stay tuned to see how these guys work out!






Fun Buns!

Soooo, I’ve been having way too much fun with my buns this week. I’m beginning to realized that the opportunities are endless for the different looks you can create.

This natural hair growth challenge truly has enlightened me. Before I started this challenge I would have never been as cognisant about hair health as I am now. Protective styles have become one of my most favorite ways to get creative with my tresses. Loving them!

Here’s a look at some of my styles this week






Officially Team Natura Magazine

I am excited to say that I’ve partnered with a phenomenal publication dedicated to natural hair and healthy living, Natura Magazine. Check out my first blog post about tips on how to maintain your child’s natural hair here and stay tuned for more writes from yours truly!

Here I am rocking my official Kinky Girl tee repping the kinky hair nation ❤


Growth Challenge Update

It’s been a little over a month since I decided to go hard with a 6 month growth challenge.  Since then I’ve been pretty consistent with the rules I set in place for myself.  Lots of protective styling, H2O, vitamins, etc. and so far it definitely seems to be paying off.

The weather here in Florida has been in the low 70s, perfect for straight hair.  And so, I couldn’t help myself.  I tried a new product from the Cantu line (stay tuned for a review) and decided to straighten my hair.  I was extremely happy with the results.  Although there was heat application, I took care of my hair during the process and my straight hair has offered me some incredible motivation to continue the challenge.  Check out the comparison from when I first started the challenge to now. My hair is noticeably longer and more healthy after only 1 month!   I’m definitely feeling encouraged!