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About Today’s Hair

Good morning loves!

Today I’ve got a new twisted updo that is giving me so much life!! Probably one of my favorites yet. So here are the deets on how I got the look

1. First I started with dry stretched hair.
2. I moisturized my hair with Carols Daughter Hair Milk.
3. I separated a medium size section in the front of my hair and did a fairly secured twist forward and to the left.
4. I then separated out another 3 sections twisting them all forward and to the left until I ended up here:


5. Then, starting with the twist in the back I pulled the twist forward and bobby pinned it up under the twist in front of it. I repeated this for the next twisted section.
6. When I got to the two front twists I just pulled them to the side and tucked the ends under the twist behind them and secured them with a bobby pin.

Here’s the final look. What do you think?







Today’s Hair: How To

Good morning loves!

I’ve gotten a lot of requests for a “how to” on today’s hair. If you’re a visual learner like me I first want to say YouTube videos will be coming soon! Promise. In the mean time try to use your imagination along with the final result pics.

Ok, here’s how I did it:

1. I started with stretched hair and prepped using Shea Moisture’s Style & Curl Milk.

2. Because I’m still so in love with my undercut I started by brushing all of my hair to the left side of my head, and in the back I began tucking my hair under starting from right to left.

3. When I got around by my left ear I stopped tucking and secured my hair with three bobby pins.

4. For the large section that was still out in the front I smoothed all of the hair down and began to flat twist my hair back using large sections. With each twist I grabbed another large section of hair and continued doing this until there was no hair left.

5. Lastly, I took the end of my flat twist and tucked it up securing it with a bobby pin.

That’s it. I promise it is much easier than it looks! Here are some pics.






Fun Buns!

Soooo, I’ve been having way too much fun with my buns this week. I’m beginning to realized that the opportunities are endless for the different looks you can create.

This natural hair growth challenge truly has enlightened me. Before I started this challenge I would have never been as cognisant about hair health as I am now. Protective styles have become one of my most favorite ways to get creative with my tresses. Loving them!

Here’s a look at some of my styles this week






Protective style for what!?

I hadn’t heard the term protective styling until I decided to do the big chop 2 ½ years ago.  Even after I took that huge step I was still clueless as to what protective styling was or the purpose it served to growing my natural hair.  I have worn a lot of protective styles while on my natural hair journey but not particularly for the sake of protecting my hair.  Historically, it has more so been about achieving a particular style or look.  If a style that I wanted to achieve happened to require twists or braids or another common protective tactic, I did it! Little did I know that in doing so I had been encouraging hair growth. 

Well, as I’ve taken the step of committing to my 6 month growth challenge I am being reintroduced to protective styling but looking at it in a way that I never have before. Part of the parameters of my challenge includes wearing protective styles at least 3 times a week.  In the past couple of weeks I had been finding myself a bit challenged trying to find something new to do with my hair but still adhere to the parameters within the growth challenge. So, to encourage myself so that I didn’t completely fall off the bandwagon, I researched the importance of protective styling so that I can continuously remind myself why it’s so important, especially during a growth challenge. 

  • Low Maintenance: Natural hair retains length better when it’s left alone.  Styles that do not require a lot of manipulation like consistent combing, twisting etc. will allow hair to grow faster.
  • Keeps Hair Soft: Protective styles tend to soak up the natural oils and moisture within your hair which allows it to remain soft.  I do notice a major difference in my hair at night when I’ve worn it out vs. when I’ve worn it in a bun all day.
  • Prevents Breakage: Hair that is often worn out has a tendency to break off because of loose ends that catch on to various fabrics from things like car seats and pillowcases. Wearing protective styles helps to prevent breakage so that hair will retain growth.

 So, whenever I wake up in the morning and have that “Protective style for what!?” attitude I can quickly come back with these powerful reasons.