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Stand Up Pompadour – DIY Tutorial

Hi luvs!

I absolutely love high hair. You know that kind of hair that just stands at attention. Well, today I’ve got a DIY tutorial for this beautiful Stand Up Pompadour I created a couple of weeks ago

Want the step by step on how I got this style? Click here.




Triple Roll & Reverse Pompadour

Hi lovelies!

Today I’ve got a video tutorial for the #1 voted style from last week. This look was a bit different from my typical twist, pull & pin style variations so I’m really excited to show you how I achieved this look. Click here for the step by step.




3 Ways To Take Your Hair Higher

Hi luvs!

Today I want to talk about 3 easy ways to take your hair styles higher! Ya’ll know how much I love high hair. It has so much presence. It’s daring, bold and down right fierce!  I use a few key methods to achieve high hair that I want to share with you today, all which I’m able to get the most height out of when I style with completely dry stretched hair.

1. Pompadours: This is probably the easiest way that I achieve high hair.  My pompadour method is quick and easy and the hight can be adjusted easily. To see A video tutorial of my go-to pompadour method click here. If you want to surpass my rambling just skip to about 4:25 into the video :o)

2. French roll: The thing I love most about french rolls is the opportunity for versatility, which you can read more about here. Some of my highest hairstyles have been achieved with different french roll variations. The hight is achieved in how high you gather the hair and how loose you roll and tuck the hair

3. Loose flat twists: You can do a million and one things with flat twists, including create high hair! Loosely flat twisting a section of hair up front allows you to form and adjust the hight of your hair easily. 

So, next time you’re looking for a style that will command attention, consider taking your natural hair higher with one of these styling methods. 

Easy Pompadour How To

Hello loves!

So, you know how much I adore pompadour styles right?


I’m even wearing one today!


Well, I decided to give you all a peak into how I accomplish my pompadour styles. There is a special method I use that allows me to achieve many different variations and I’ve got it here for you today in a video tutorial!

I really hope this gets you all inspired. If you decide to try out this method please tag me in your next pompadour style. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel! Have an awesome day beauties. Muuuaahh!

The Undercut’s Favorite Style

Helloooo loves!!!

It was another long work week. But I’m back with my undercut’s new favorite style…and mine! It’s definitely this big side pompadour. I am loving it. I especially love the fact that I can play with different variations that all end up dope!

This past week I wore the style for the first time to work and it got so much love.

How many ways can you wear a side pompadour? My new favorite game to play. Lol! Here are some picks…