2015 Best of TJLuvsBeingNatural

Hey lovelies!

After spending all year creating unique styles I wanted to review some of my absolute best styles so I have a benchmark for next year. This year I have consolidated those styles into a single video.  Click the image below to see my 2015 Best of TJluvsbeingnatural year end video featuring 11 style categories and my top 4 picks for each category.

More to come in 2016!  



curlBOX Holiday Party

Hi luvs!

So, I had the pleasure of attending the curlBOX Holiday Party! Most of you know that I am a big supporter of this brand. They do an amazing job introducing naturals to new products at an affordable price. Getting my curlBOX every month is a big treat! So, when I received the invite I was trilled to get the opportunity to meet some of the beauties behind this brand.

The two ladies behind the social feeds and events we love so much are Victoria (top photo) and Delia. They are super sweet!

And of course I got to meet, chat it up and serve face with curlBOX Founder & CEO Myleik Teele who is such a huge inspiration to so many especially with her #MyTaughtYou podcasts. If you haven’t already be sure to check her out here.

I met some beautiful naturals and even won some goodies like this book by Shonda Rymes called The Year of Yes. Can’t wait to get into it!

I also had the opportunity to shop the curlBOX office!! Just look at all these great products I got. Deets and reviews to come!

That’s about it! I had a blast celebrating the holidays with one of my favorite brands.


NYX Highlight & Contour Wonder Stick

Happy Friday Beauties!

I am so excited, this Sunday I fly home to Florida for the holidays. My family and I will be there through January 5th!! Of course I haven’t packed a thing yet, but tonight I’m on it.

I had been contemplating my makeup travel situation and knew I didn’t want to bring a whole lot of makeup. So, I started thinking of how I could accomplish that. I have one key eyeshadow palette 4 key lipsticks, some key brushes and of course my foundation. But, I wanted a way to highlight and contour without having to bring an additional palette. So, I headed over to Ulta where I picked up this

I was so excited about this thing! I used it this morning following the handy guide by MakeupShayla on the side of the packaging. Having never used Creme products to highlight and contour this was new for me. 

I applied the products as shown and blended them out. Here are my results. (these photos have not been filtered).



My thoughts, I really like it! It’s easy to use and does a nice job! Excited to have both a highlight and contour in one device! 

Well, that’s it for now.



Holiday Flexi Rod Cluster Curls

Hi luvs!

My Come Through Holiday Series continues with another great DIY tutorial. This time I’ve got some gorgeous Flexi Rod cluster curls achieved with a combination of Lottabody products. Look at these big soft curls!

This style is perfect for your casual holiday get togethers. Want the deets on how I got this look? Click here.



Why You’re So Bored with Your Straightened Hair

The fall/winter seasons are probably the most common time of year for naturals to straighten their hair, simply because the humidity isn’t as high and there’s more of a chance for straight hair to last. Well, this weekend I decided that I would also take advantage of the season. The result, this awesomeness.


I did video tape the process but that will come later. Today, I want to talk about the real reason so many naturals get bored with their hair when it’s straight and how to overcome that. Most naturals think that straight hair is boring, but the reality is, what they’re doing with their straightened hair is boring! 

Although we love the short term change of having straight hair, when you’re used to dealing with highly textured hair it is really easy to be underwhelmed with flat, limp hair. I never have this problem and here’s why:

1. Mindset! Rather than thinking about all the things I can’t do with my hair because it’s straight, I think about all the things I can do because it is! 

2. I look at straight hair as an opportunity to achieve a completely different look on a style I’ve already done. A style done on highly textured hair vs. straight hair looks completely different!

3. I don’t straighten my hair just to wear it down! This is where most naturals go wrong. If you straighten your hair just to wear it down of course you’re going to get bored! There are no kinks, curls or texture to keep you entertained. I straighten my hair to open up the opportunities for styling. I almost never wear my straight hair down. 

This year, try getting creative with your straight hair. Really embrace the luxury of natural hair versatility. Here are some styles to get you inspired 



Tip Top Holiday Hair

Hi beauties!

As a part of my Come Through Holiday Hair Series I wanted to talk about a super simple style with tons of versatility and opportunity to customize to your personal style, top knots! This look is commonly used as a go to style for lazy hair days but can totally work for your holiday event hair. 

Here are 3 tips and top knots to inspire you in creating your own Tip Top Holiday Hair look

1. Don’t be afraid if your top knot is off center. I chose this look today and am in love with its character! 


2. My twist, pull & pin technique works perfectly for a top knot! Just twist 2 or more sections of the ponytail, pull them in various directions and secure with bobby pins.


3. A twist out can be easily transformed into a chic top knot style. Just pull it up heigh, tuck and secure with bobby pins.  

That’s it! Three easy styles for your upcoming holiday events.




Fancy Holiday Hair Pin Curls

Hi lovelies!

The Come Through Holiday Hair Series continues with my second DIY tutorial for these fancy pin curls. This style is perfect for a more upscale holiday event. Pair it up with some sequin and a bold red lip and COME THROUGH!


Click here to get the deets and step by step on this style.