A Little Something Extra

So I’ve added a little something extra to my undercut design. Nothing outrageous, but these three simple lines are giving me life! Been having tons of fun with it. Hubby did a great job don’t you think?



My Crazy Cool Curlbox Features

Hello loves!!

I hope everyone’s ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus!! I know I am. I so love this time of year ❤

I wanted to do a quick blog post highlighting my crazy cool features by the Curlbox Crew. Curlbox is one of my absolute favorite Instagrm accounts to follow. They feature some of the most amazing natural hair pics. So when I saw that I was featured on one of their “Insta Talk” posts about holiday hairstyles last week I was pretty excited.


This was a look from last week that I did on flat ironed hair. It’s a total of two flat twists. Looks complex but not so much. Here are a few more pics.



And if that wasn’t enough I found out today that I was featured again on the Curlbox blog 5 Fab Holiday Styles. Check it out herehttps://www.facebook.com/curlbox/posts/694325210683844:0

This is my go to straight hair side flat twist. So excited for this great company to be leveraging my styles to inspire the natural hair community. I’m on the waiting list to start getting my own Curlbox. Can’t wait! To find out more about Curlbox click here.


Creativity Never Sleeps

Hello beauties!

So, it turns out that the saying “Creativity never sleeps” really is true. Earlier this week I had a dream about this awesome flat twist style. It was gorgeous! I thought I’d give a shot at accomplishing it on Monday. Fail. Don’t get me wrong, it was nice but not at all like what I visioned in my dream.


Today, I thought I’d give it another shot. Here’s the video of my effort which yielded another fail but an incredibly nice, unique creative fail! Lol. Let me know what you think.

This Hair

So I just wanted to do a quick blog post of this hair from yesterday. I was feeling all kinds of DOPE! It’s a fairly easy updo staring my undercut. Love it!!

Hope you all are having a great day! Here are some pics. Hubby’s probably throwing shade in that last pic because he’s tired of me wearing his shirts! Especially love the one I’m wearing in these pics! Hehe





Easy Pompadour How To

Hello loves!

So, you know how much I adore pompadour styles right?


I’m even wearing one today!


Well, I decided to give you all a peak into how I accomplish my pompadour styles. There is a special method I use that allows me to achieve many different variations and I’ve got it here for you today in a video tutorial!

I really hope this gets you all inspired. If you decide to try out this method please tag me in your next pompadour style. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel! Have an awesome day beauties. Muuuaahh!