Shea Moisture Curling Gel Soufflé

Good morning loves!

Last night I decided to try out Shea Moisture’s Curling Gel Soufflé. I love all of the She’s Moisture products I’ve tried so I was excited to use this new product.

For a gel it definitely isn’t heavy. It feels more water based than a typical gel and seemed to act more like a moisturizing agent.



I twisted my hair in medium size twists using the Curling Gel Soufflé and then loosely pin curled each twist.


I unraveled the pin curls and twists in the morning and gently separated the twists. My hair was definitely well moisturized which was great. After I was done styling I did have a sticky residue on my hands but I’d say that’s pretty typical of any gel.

For the look I of course pinned up the back to have a view of the undercut, but I left a large section on the left side out. My hair is full and fairly defined. Overall I really like the look. I’ll definitely try the Curling Gel Soufflé again for another style. Here are some pics of the final look. What do you think?






After blogging about Combat Boots And Curls on the Curly Christians blog I knew that one of my must haves this fall was a pair of combat boots.

I took a very timely trip to Target last Friday and happened upon an awesome BOGO 1/2 off sale on women’s shoes! And because of this fantastic sale I got not one but two pairs of seriously dope combat boots, black and cranberry.

I couldn’t help but pair up the black ones this weekend. I kept the clothes simple with a black tee shirt and red leggings and set it off with a pair of statement earrings my Mom bought me last Christmas.

To go right along with this edgy look I wore big crazy hair with a peak of the undercut.

I’m going to have so much fun this fall with these boots. Here are some pics.









Easy Twisted Friday Hair

Happy Friday Beauties!!

Today’s hair is a combination of the things I love most. Twists and ease! Here’s how I got the look.

1. First I wet my old wash and go from this week.

2. I separated my hair into two ponytails, one on top and one on the bottom

3. I separated the top pony into two sections and twisted each section loosely.

4. I pulled the twists forward and loosely pinned them both to the left side of the pony.

5. For the back I did one chunky loose twist and pinned it up.

That’s it! Took me 10 minutes! Twisted and easy! Here are some pics. Have a great day!






A High Curly Pony

From day to day I always try to do something new with my hair, to challenge my creativity. Outside of loving to see the different styles I can think up, it really is a lot of fun. But, on some days simple is better for me. Today is one of those days. A style that will never fail me, will always have me looking put together while embracing my natural hair is a high curly ponytail. Just can’t go wrong sporting this baby!

To get this look I used Shea Moisture’s Curl & Style Milk and Eco Styler Gel.





Fresh Trim

Hubby hooked up the fresh trim today. It’s amazing what a difference it makes. So clean!

For the style a did two ponies. I separated each pony into two sections and twisted each one. I crisscrossed the two sections of the top pony towards the front and secured the twists with two bobby pins. For the back pony, I pinned one of the twisted sections up and the other down. That’s it!

Here are some pics. Hope you all had a great Sunday!





The Undercut’s Favorite Style

Helloooo loves!!!

It was another long work week. But I’m back with my undercut’s new favorite style…and mine! It’s definitely this big side pompadour. I am loving it. I especially love the fact that I can play with different variations that all end up dope!

This past week I wore the style for the first time to work and it got so much love.

How many ways can you wear a side pompadour? My new favorite game to play. Lol! Here are some picks…






Versatile Styles From This Week

Good Morning Beauties!!

I was crazy busy with work but I wanted to catch you all up on my versatile stiles from this week. I have to say I really was into switching it up every day. That’s one of the awesome things about natural hair, the ability for it to be so versatile creates even more opportunity for different styles!

Ok…let’s walk through the week

Monday I did a super high twistout pony, pulled all the hair to the front and swooped it to the side.


On Tuesday I was in the mood for some really high hair so I came up with this creation.


On Wednesday I had a taste for straight hair so I flat ironed a high pony and went with this sleek look.


Thursday the straight hair was over and it was on to this unique twisted up do.




And yesterday I had my first date night with hubby since moving to ATL and I went with this high side pompadour.




And today is a whole new day!! Who knows what I’ll come up with next. Have a great day guys!!