Unworthy Blog Post Styles

So…I tried a couple of new styles last week but just didn’t think that they were worthy of a blog post. I always try to be as innovative and inspirational as I possibly can and at the time they just seemed under par for me.

Now in retrospect as I sit here and look back through my pics I’m thinking that maybe I was wrong . I’ll let you guys be the judge. Hope they inspire someone!

The first style is a twist updo and bun and the other is my first attempt at a full flat twist around my head. Obviously I wasn’t overly pleased but I’ll definitely try it again!

Well, that’s it for now loves!









5 thoughts on “Unworthy Blog Post Styles”

  1. These all look awesome to me! I know what you mean though, i can wear an outfit and think, hmm not looking great today, see some pics a few days later and be like wow I looked great! lol

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