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7 Pregnancies, 5 Losses, 2 Miracles, ALL Worth It

Mother’s Day weekend always reminds me of how worth it these last 9 years 7 pregnancies 5 losses and 2 Miracles were. I’m so grateful for my boys. It was a rough ride getting them here but I can’t imagine my life without them. If you haven’t heard my pregnancy journey story you can watch the video here.

Sitting around watching them play this evening put such a big smile on my face

It’s definitely rough at times but I can’t imagine life without them. They both brought me home goodies today that were beyond sweet

I’m going to attempt a little Mother’s Day photoshoot tomorrow and hope to share those with you all next week. Until then I wish you beauties a very happy Mother’s Day weekend



Pregnancy Update

Hello luvs!

Today I wanted to give you all a formal update on my pregnancy. I’m so grateful and appreciative of all of your prayers and well wishes.  There have been some ups and downs but God is still in control and I’ve got my mind stayed on Him. Click here if you’d like to see how things have been going.

 25 week ultrasound 
 27 weeks pregnant