The Faux Knot

Hi beauties!

Faux styles can be a lot of fun to wear. There are two that I especially love. One is the faux bob and the other is the faux knot which I want to talk about today. 

This faux knot style is just that, a style that includes what looks like a knot, but isn’t. Here are a few pics:

 This look works best for me on straight hair. I have done it on my more textured hair and the result is more of a pompadour, kinda like the last picture above. 

As for how I get the look, below is a super quick how to of how I got the under knot. You can achieve different variations in how tight you do the twist and how you shape and pin the twist once it’s complete. The over knot is achieved just by pulling the hair up and back. 

I absutely adore this look. Give it a try!



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