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About Today’s Hair

Good morning loves!

Today I’ve got a new twisted updo that is giving me so much life!! Probably one of my favorites yet. So here are the deets on how I got the look

1. First I started with dry stretched hair.
2. I moisturized my hair with Carols Daughter Hair Milk.
3. I separated a medium size section in the front of my hair and did a fairly secured twist forward and to the left.
4. I then separated out another 3 sections twisting them all forward and to the left until I ended up here:


5. Then, starting with the twist in the back I pulled the twist forward and bobby pinned it up under the twist in front of it. I repeated this for the next twisted section.
6. When I got to the two front twists I just pulled them to the side and tucked the ends under the twist behind them and secured them with a bobby pin.

Here’s the final look. What do you think?