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Textured Twist Out

Great morning luvs!

Today I wanted to share with you all my best tip for achieving a super textured twist out. You know that bomb 3rd or 4th day twist out look? I like to get that look on day 1! 


 Don’t get me wrong, I love a defined twist out, but I love a nice, fluffy textured one more 😊. So, how do I achieve this look? Here is the step by step for this look:

1. I used my OGX Beauty Coconut Curls Hair butter to twist my freshly washed hair. 

2. I let my hair get about 80/85% dry 

3. I unravel the twists

4. Separate the twists towards the front  slightly

5. Fluff roots

Here is what my hair looks like after (still damp)



Here is my hair about 90% dry.  



And this is my hair completely dry.

That’s it! My preferred twist out/twist out method. I adore this look! That’s it for now luvs 😘



Fresh Trim

Hubby hooked up the fresh trim today. It’s amazing what a difference it makes. So clean!

For the style a did two ponies. I separated each pony into two sections and twisted each one. I crisscrossed the two sections of the top pony towards the front and secured the twists with two bobby pins. For the back pony, I pinned one of the twisted sections up and the other down. That’s it!

Here are some pics. Hope you all had a great Sunday!