What’s Your Name

Here’s a quick look at last week’s Sinful Colors nail polish selection. They call this deep dark color with a hint of sparkle ” What’s Your Name”. Loving dark nails and lippies for the start of fall and this color fits right in.

What do you think?



The Undercut’s Favorite Style

Helloooo loves!!!

It was another long work week. But I’m back with my undercut’s new favorite style…and mine! It’s definitely this big side pompadour. I am loving it. I especially love the fact that I can play with different variations that all end up dope!

This past week I wore the style for the first time to work and it got so much love.

How many ways can you wear a side pompadour? My new favorite game to play. Lol! Here are some picks…






Versatile Styles From This Week

Good Morning Beauties!!

I was crazy busy with work but I wanted to catch you all up on my versatile stiles from this week. I have to say I really was into switching it up every day. That’s one of the awesome things about natural hair, the ability for it to be so versatile creates even more opportunity for different styles!

Ok…let’s walk through the week

Monday I did a super high twistout pony, pulled all the hair to the front and swooped it to the side.


On Tuesday I was in the mood for some really high hair so I came up with this creation.


On Wednesday I had a taste for straight hair so I flat ironed a high pony and went with this sleek look.


Thursday the straight hair was over and it was on to this unique twisted up do.




And yesterday I had my first date night with hubby since moving to ATL and I went with this high side pompadour.




And today is a whole new day!! Who knows what I’ll come up with next. Have a great day guys!!

I Love Playing Twister…

With my hair of course! You all know how much I loved twisted updo’s. Honestly, I can’t see that ever changing…unless I decide to do another full big chop. There is just so much versatility and opportunity for awesome styles. The options are endless because I am the architect! Before I go on and on about the awesomeness of twisted updo’s (which I easily can!) here’s a look at a couple of my creations this week. Hope you like them!








Bantu Knot Out Fail & Recovery

On the Curly Christians blog last month I did a post about the art of bantu knot outs. I have to admit, bantu knot outs is not an art that I have quite figured out yet. Yesterday I sported what I’d say was a solid attempt at a classic bantu knot style…after my initial style attempt failed. Let me take you through the evolution of the style.

I started with dry stretched hair. I used Shea Moisture Curl & Style Milk and Eco Styler Gel to do my knots.


I slept with a satin scarf and after an uncomfortable night sleep (these things are a beast to sleep on!) I went to work at unravelling the knots. At first glance they looked to have taken pretty well. So naturally I was excited!



Then, as I started carefully separating them things started to go downhill. They did not separate with ease as I hoped and as a result the ends started to get frizzy. I tried to just go with it. Got all the way to work, took a couple of pics and quickly realized it just wasn’t working for me.



Soooo…I quickly improvised. I grabbed a couple of bobby pins and tucked the ends under. I managed to find a super quick and easy way to turn my frizzy not so awesome bantu knot out into a solid attempt at a classic style. Best I could do…considering.




I suppose I’ll just keep working at this bantu knot out thing until I get it down. Let me know if you have any tips!