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Snow Me White & Rebel Graffiti

This Sinful Colors and Revlon combination is probably my favorite yet!

A long time fan of Snow Me White by SinfulColors, this week I thought I’d try out this incredibly cool overlay by Revlon called Rebel Graffiti. I put the two together and pow! Awesomeness.





Sleek Faux Bob

So I decided to take a shot at a faux bob today. I had twisted my hair in about 6 chunky twists last night, pulled them back into a ponytail and banded the ponytail so my hair was already nice and stretched this morning.



From there I smoothed all of the hair down with my Denman brush and began to tuck it under. The hardest part about achieving this style is not having any hair to secure the bobby pins to. Because of my undercut I had to use several bobby pins to get the hair to stay tucked under. I was hoping to achieve a neck length bob but I got as close as I could.

Here are the final results. What do you think? Oh and in case you’re wondering, the lippie is VaVa Violet by Revlon. One of my fall favs!






A Twisted Bun & Purple Face Beat

Even in spring I can’t escape my love for dark lips! Here’s today’s hair and makeup. A twisted high bun with purple tones. I have Revlon’s VaVa Violet and Berry Haute mixed on my lips, my shadow is from one of my BH Cosmetics pallets and earrings are from the World Natural Hair Show I attended this weekend.





A thrifted jacket & Big hair

Paired this super nice thrifted jacket with this sort of snake skin patterned dress from Macy’s with pops of cobalt and purple. Topped it off with a beat face of purple tones including this incredible lipstick by Revlon VaVa Violet. And I can’t forget this 5 day old wash and go with tons of volume. Love! Happy Friday :o)