The New Co-Worker Natural Hair Introduction

Hello loves,

Last week was my first week back at work but in a new city! I started at AAA’s Atlanta Office of about 8 people total. Quite a change coming from an office of several hundred. None the less, I like it.

I thought that mini twists would be the best way to introduce my curls and kinks to my new coworkers. So, I spent about 6 hours last weekend getting it done. I really think it’s what my hair needed.

I’ve been trying to find the right product combination for my highlighted hair. Since I got it colored its texture has changed a lot. It’s much thicker and much more difficult to retain moisture. I used Cantu’s curl cream to do the twists and have been maintaining with aragan oil and Shea Moisture products.

The twists have definitely made mornings easier, not to mention post work outs too! I’ve started back on a fitness regimen and having the twists has been fantastic!

Hope everyone’s doing well! Here’s a look at some pics from last week.







2 thoughts on “The New Co-Worker Natural Hair Introduction”

  1. Funny how we consider our hair when meeting new people. I’m a newbie and I felt very uncomfortable attending a network meeting last week. It wasn’t even new people. I’ve been in the group for 4 years, but still felt uneasy. It went fine. Going natural is such a drastic change, it’s hard to avoid having to explain your hair! Glad things are going well for you and your relocation! The twists look great.

    1. I totally hear you! But you know what, I think of it like this… Outside of the fact that I love my kinks and curls, my confidence in wearing my natural hair has the potential to inspire someone else to step outside of the box. And for me, that opportunity is worth it. Stay tuned for when I pull out my fro on them! Lol! Thanks :o)

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