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My Crazy Cool Curlbox Features

Hello loves!!

I hope everyone’s ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus!! I know I am. I so love this time of year ❤

I wanted to do a quick blog post highlighting my crazy cool features by the Curlbox Crew. Curlbox is one of my absolute favorite Instagrm accounts to follow. They feature some of the most amazing natural hair pics. So when I saw that I was featured on one of their “Insta Talk” posts about holiday hairstyles last week I was pretty excited.


This was a look from last week that I did on flat ironed hair. It’s a total of two flat twists. Looks complex but not so much. Here are a few more pics.



And if that wasn’t enough I found out today that I was featured again on the Curlbox blog 5 Fab Holiday Styles. Check it out herehttps://www.facebook.com/curlbox/posts/694325210683844:0

This is my go to straight hair side flat twist. So excited for this great company to be leveraging my styles to inspire the natural hair community. I’m on the waiting list to start getting my own Curlbox. Can’t wait! To find out more about Curlbox click here.


Today’s Hair: How To

Good morning loves!

I’ve gotten a lot of requests for a “how to” on today’s hair. If you’re a visual learner like me I first want to say YouTube videos will be coming soon! Promise. In the mean time try to use your imagination along with the final result pics.

Ok, here’s how I did it:

1. I started with stretched hair and prepped using Shea Moisture’s Style & Curl Milk.

2. Because I’m still so in love with my undercut I started by brushing all of my hair to the left side of my head, and in the back I began tucking my hair under starting from right to left.

3. When I got around by my left ear I stopped tucking and secured my hair with three bobby pins.

4. For the large section that was still out in the front I smoothed all of the hair down and began to flat twist my hair back using large sections. With each twist I grabbed another large section of hair and continued doing this until there was no hair left.

5. Lastly, I took the end of my flat twist and tucked it up securing it with a bobby pin.

That’s it. I promise it is much easier than it looks! Here are some pics.






I Love Playing Twister…

With my hair of course! You all know how much I loved twisted updo’s. Honestly, I can’t see that ever changing…unless I decide to do another full big chop. There is just so much versatility and opportunity for awesome styles. The options are endless because I am the architect! Before I go on and on about the awesomeness of twisted updo’s (which I easily can!) here’s a look at a couple of my creations this week. Hope you like them!








Back to the bun life!

Soooo…after unraveling my twists, which took about two hours, washing my hair with Shea Moisture Moisture Retention Shampoo and conditioning with their Restorative Conditioner, it was back to the bun life today!

I must admit, I miss the twists but a twisted bun never gets old. Here are some pics from today and last night post unraveling but pre wash.

Hope everyone had an awesome day!







The New Co-Worker Natural Hair Introduction

Hello loves,

Last week was my first week back at work but in a new city! I started at AAA’s Atlanta Office of about 8 people total. Quite a change coming from an office of several hundred. None the less, I like it.

I thought that mini twists would be the best way to introduce my curls and kinks to my new coworkers. So, I spent about 6 hours last weekend getting it done. I really think it’s what my hair needed.

I’ve been trying to find the right product combination for my highlighted hair. Since I got it colored its texture has changed a lot. It’s much thicker and much more difficult to retain moisture. I used Cantu’s curl cream to do the twists and have been maintaining with aragan oil and Shea Moisture products.

The twists have definitely made mornings easier, not to mention post work outs too! I’ve started back on a fitness regimen and having the twists has been fantastic!

Hope everyone’s doing well! Here’s a look at some pics from last week.