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Up For An Undercut!

As some of you know I’ve been thinking about cutting my hair. Well, Saturday morning the thinking came to an end and I took action! After a lot of thought I decided that while I’m not ready for another big chop I was totally up for an undercut!

My true undercut inspiration came a few weeks ago when I did a post on the Curly Christians blog called “Up Your Undercut Game”. It seems as though on my mission to inspire other naturalistas on cool ways to keep their natural hair journey interesting, I ended up inspiring myself! After tons of photo research on undercuts I really started considering the idea.

This past Friday after looking through one of my major creative inspirations Instagram page, Kaori Nik, I said to myself “Yep! I’m doing it”. This beautiful and talented woman’s pics put me in motion!


With that, I called my hubby and told him I wanted him to cut my hair this weekend. Up for just about anything he said, “Ok, sure.” Saturday morning came, I parted my hair how I wanted it and hubby took care of the rest.

I styled it in a high twist out ponytail with a little hair out in the front. I absolutely LOVE the results!! Hubby did a great job and am so excited about this next chapter of my natural hair journey!

Here are the pics!










Texture Texture Oh How I Love Thee

This weekend I decided that I wanted to rock some twists one more time for my growth challenge grind which ends in April. Unfortunately I’ve been so busy preparing for the awesomeness God is about to manifest in my life that after doing my deep conditioning regimen I only had time to do some medium to large size twits. Of course those only lasted me a day BUT it actually worked out perfect because the texture I was able to achieve today has me hair crushing on myself!!

Soooo here are the details:

Deep conditioned with Creme of Nature’s Intensive Conditioning Treatment

Twisted with Eco Styler gel with Olive Oil and wore twists for one day

Unravelled twists on day 2 finger combed the roots and applied a light layer of Eco styler

Finished off by applying a light coating of Olive Oil Moisturizing Shine Serum





Save your twist out!

How many times have you twisted your hair only to wake up and discover that the twists didn’t completely dry. Most naturals know that this is a disastrous situation. To no surprise I found myself in this very predicament this morning. Fortunately I’ve found a great way to save my twist out, have great texture for the day and still maintain some definition.

After I unravel my twist I simply take a little Eco Styler gel with Olive Oil and apply to each unraveled twist. The gel helps my hair to hold the definition where it is at that moment but also helps enhance my natural texture. I always love this look. It’s almost like achieving a second or third day twist out look on the first day and I don’t know about you but my second and third day twist outs are everything!!

So, the next morning you face twists that haven’t completely dried, save your twist out with a little Eco Styler.

Have a great day and be you beauties!