Creativity Never Sleeps

Hello beauties!

So, it turns out that the saying “Creativity never sleeps” really is true. Earlier this week I had a dream about this awesome flat twist style. It was gorgeous! I thought I’d give a shot at accomplishing it on Monday. Fail. Don’t get me wrong, it was nice but not at all like what I visioned in my dream.


Today, I thought I’d give it another shot. Here’s the video of my effort which yielded another fail but an incredibly nice, unique creative fail! Lol. Let me know what you think.

3 thoughts on “Creativity Never Sleeps”

  1. Just starting following you on Instagram and now here on your blog. I really enjoyed reading this post because I feel like that saying resonates with me on so many levels. I just learned to keep a notepad by my bed because at times my mind works long after my body is in bed lol. I actually enjoyed this “fail” you wear it effortlessly. Looking forward to reading more from you.

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