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I Cut My Hair!

Heyyy Luvs!

It’s been so crazy! My family and I just moved into our forever home, renovations are still going on so I’m living in a bit of chaos, AND on top of all that out of nowhere I decided to cut my hair. I’m talking like big chop!

But why right!?? I’ve got all the deets here. I absolutely adore my new short hair. I’ve been playing with my new short tresses working on different quick, creative and captivating style ideas. It’s been a challenge but y’all know how I love a challenge! Lots of new content to come for sure!

Sorry I’ve been gone a bit, but your girl back and working.



Male vs. Female Barbers

Hey luvs!

As most of you know my husband is the one who originally did my undercut for me. He’s also kept it nicely maintained for over a year. 

Well, this year I decided to venture out into the world of professional barber undercut slayage. I’ve had the privilege of having my undercut trimmed by both a male and a female barber and thought I’d run through some of they key things I noticed. 

1. Ability – I can definitely say that both barbers that cut my hair are extremely talented. They both have great attention to detail and are extremely meticulous. 

2. Creativity – I gave both barbers free reign over their designs. I wanted them to have the opportunity to get as creative as they wanted to.  While both designs were crisp I did notice more detail in the design by the female barber.

Male Barber

Female Barber

 3. Level of comfort – I consider myself to be someone who is comfortable with both men and women in general. However, in this particular case I did find myself to be more comfortable with the female barber, most likely I think because, she is a female.  There was more conversation during the process and she was more personable. 

Overall I was very pleased with the final look from both barbers and their professionalism was on point. 

When it’s all said and done my overall barber preference is….hubby!! I know, I know, he’s not a barber by profession but I love having him be such a big part of my hair journey and he does a great job keeping my undercut clean. I’m so focused on style creativity and coming up with unique looks that having designs on my undercut just isn’t that important to me. Not to mention that hubby and I have a ton of fun together.

That’s it for now luvs.



Hair Cut’s Coming!

Hey loves!

Soooo….I’ve been thinking about it and I’m about 90% sure that a new hair cut is coming! Y’all know I get bored easily, plus it’s starting to get nice and toasty outside. 

I had plans to get my hair cut by this great stylist out of NY that’s coming to ATL this week (@vincenzo_stylist) but as it turns out…that’s just not in the budget right now. Ah well!! Ya’ll know that’s not going to stop me.  Hubby and I will take to this head of mine and come up with something fierce just like last time. 

I am still very much in love with my undercut but I’ve still got a whole lot of hair on my head! 

I definitely want enough to do some creative styles with but I want more shape. 

I’ve been getting a lot of cut inspiration from Pinterest and @thecutlife and have some great ideas about what I want to do, but no one will know for sure what it will be until I post results!  Just wanted to get you all as excited as I am. You’ll be seeing more of this very soon!  Stay tuned!