Today’s hair creation

I would never in a million years consider myself a hair stylist. I just don’t have the skill sets. But, it amazes me how much I’ve truly grown to enjoy styling my natural hair! Inspiring others to embrace their curls and try out different style ideas to uncover the versatility of their tresses has really become a passion of mine.

IN LOVE with today’s creation. This is just a bun that I did three loose chunky twists on and pined them down to the side. I topped it off with a side pompadour ❤

Happy Friday Beauties!






8 thoughts on “Today’s hair creation”

  1. I’m shocked you have never considered yourself as a hairstylist because that is what you are.
    I stumbled on your blog yesterday and am impressed with all the hairstyles I have seen so Far.
    I have even stolen some ideas *whispering*.
    Great blog you have here.

    1. Thank you!! I guess I just can’t imagine experimenting on anyone else’s hair but mine…lol! That would be way too much pressure. But then again, you never know how the chips will fall! Thanks again :o)

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