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Fearless Textures Tampa/Atlanta

Hey luvs!

Today I wanted to recap my Fearless Textures meet-ups in Tampa and Atlanta for you all.  My Tampa meet-up was back in May (I know, I’m way late), and me Atlanta meet-up was this past weekend.  I so enjoyed both events and wanted to share some highlights.

My Tampa Meet-up was held at Blue Martini.  I was supported by my family and friends and had the opportunity to meet some of my supporters as well. We talked  A LOT about hair health and products. I raffled off tons of goodies and everyone was super excited about their takeaways.







Fast forward to my Atlanta Meet-up this past weekend.  I was so excited for this meet-up to be held at the curlBOX headquarters office.  

As most of you know I am a huge supporter of this brand and their office space is simply amazing. They uploaded tons of snaps to snapchat through the event, some of which I included in this post. 
DSC00642 (1)

DSC00641 (1)

DSC00651 (1)

DSC00646 (1)

DSC00656 (1)

The office itself is a great experience.  I got to meet some of my beautiful supporters and we talked about some of everything!  Natural hair in Corporate America, undercuts in corporate america, finding the right products, fearlessness and more.  It was so awesome.

I provided the opportunity for anyone who was interested to get cut up by my Fadeologist, Summer J The Barber. My sister decided to go for it!

After Summer J hooked up her new undercut I sacrificed the bobby pins from my hair and gave her a quick updo. 

I also raffled off lots of goodies.

The most talked about prizes had to be these amazing candles by Christian Ray Artisian Candles.

We spent some time talking about our fears and not allowing them to keep us from greatness. I gave everyone one of these bracelets as a simple reminder that they do not have a spirit of fear but of power, love and sound mind.

Overall I had an amazing time at both events! I am so glad I was able to meet some of my supporters. I love you guys so much! Well, that’s it for now.





Put Your Fearless Face On

So, you know how when you get glamed up you FEEL stunning? Well, the same thing goes with fealing fearless! A big part of my holiday series which you can read more about here, is about embracing our fears. Not just on your natural hair journey but in other areas of your life as well. I don’t want us to just carry the desire to be fearless, but rather to actually take action towards relinquishing our fears and going for it! The new year is fast approaching and there is no time like the present to confront your fears, whatever they may be, and do something about them. 

So, to give you all a some encouragement and Christian inspiration, put your fearless faces on and check out this great Curly Christians read on letting your faith be bigger than your fears here.



Come Through Holiday Hair – Series & Giveaway

Hey my lovelies!

I am so excited about the holiday season and the start of a new year. My personal theme for 2016 is to be fearless in my pursuit of greatness. I think that fear has a sneaky way of getting into our hearts and minds and holds us back from achieving greatness. Time to take hold of that fear and throw it to the wind!  

So, in honor of fearlessness I’m doing a very special series. I want to encourage and inspire you all to step way outside of the box this holiday season. I want to see you beauties COME THROUGH with some unique hairstyles. Let go of the fear of what people will think or say if you rock that style you’ve been wanting to try so bad. Be creative! Be bold!

Throughout this 4 week series ending 12/31/15, I will be offering style ideas, hairstyling techniques, tips, DIY tutorials and fearless inspiration to help you all COME THROUGH in a big way for your holiday events and in life for 2016. AND, to spice things up I’ll also be doing a contest/giveaway for my lovelies that COME THROUGH! More on that to come.

There will be frequent posts so, make sure you’re subscribed to my YouTube channel, following the blog, my Instagram and Facebook pages so you don’t miss a thing!  



Done Fearing the Fro

After being natural for going on 3 years now, I’ve FINALLY started to embrace my hair in its fullest state.  I know a lot of women who are transitioning and terrified of the fro, feeling like it’s a style that they just couldn’t wear and look good.  I felt the same way for a long time.  In addition to not thinking I could pull it off, I was under the impression that the fro hadn’t been in style since the 70s.  I honestly thought, “Who really wears fros anymore?”  Little did I know there was an entire movement of naturalistas fiercely rocking their Be You Beauty.  To my defense, when your hair has been relaxed for more than half your life this is the kind of mentality you can be subject to.  So even after I decided to take the leap and “somewhat” embrace my natural hair I’d always make sure it was prepped so that it had some type of curl definition whether it was in a braid out, twist out, or defining my natural curl pattern with gel.  Well, I am proud to say that the days of feeling the need to do that are gone!  I have officially embraced my fro, adding yet another liberating experience to the book of my natural hair journey.

I have to admit there are some key products that have played a big roll in me embracing and loving my fro.  The Cantu Leave-in Conditioner and Cantu’s new Hair Lotion have made my fro experience incredible. I am loving these products and have gotten tons of positive feedback on my results.  Now, whether it’s actually the look of my fierce fro or the new level of Be You Beauty confidence I’ve achieved that’s bringing this feedback is undetermined and frankly irrelevant.  The point is…I feel fearless rocking my fro!

Fo details on how I achieve this fro, check out my YouTube video below.  Be You Beauties!