Fearless Textures Tampa/Atlanta

Hey luvs!

Today I wanted to recap my Fearless Textures meet-ups in Tampa and Atlanta for you all.  My Tampa meet-up was back in May (I know, I’m way late), and me Atlanta meet-up was this past weekend.  I so enjoyed both events and wanted to share some highlights.

My Tampa Meet-up was held at Blue Martini.  I was supported by my family and friends and had the opportunity to meet some of my supporters as well. We talked  A LOT about hair health and products. I raffled off tons of goodies and everyone was super excited about their takeaways.







Fast forward to my Atlanta Meet-up this past weekend.  I was so excited for this meet-up to be held at the curlBOX headquarters office.  

As most of you know I am a huge supporter of this brand and their office space is simply amazing. They uploaded tons of snaps to snapchat through the event, some of which I included in this post. 
DSC00642 (1)

DSC00641 (1)

DSC00651 (1)

DSC00646 (1)

DSC00656 (1)

The office itself is a great experience.  I got to meet some of my beautiful supporters and we talked about some of everything!  Natural hair in Corporate America, undercuts in corporate america, finding the right products, fearlessness and more.  It was so awesome.

I provided the opportunity for anyone who was interested to get cut up by my Fadeologist, Summer J The Barber. My sister decided to go for it!

After Summer J hooked up her new undercut I sacrificed the bobby pins from my hair and gave her a quick updo. 

I also raffled off lots of goodies.

The most talked about prizes had to be these amazing candles by Christian Ray Artisian Candles.

We spent some time talking about our fears and not allowing them to keep us from greatness. I gave everyone one of these bracelets as a simple reminder that they do not have a spirit of fear but of power, love and sound mind.

Overall I had an amazing time at both events! I am so glad I was able to meet some of my supporters. I love you guys so much! Well, that’s it for now.





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