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A thrifted jacket & Big hair

Paired this super nice thrifted jacket with this sort of snake skin patterned dress from Macy’s with pops of cobalt and purple. Topped it off with a beat face of purple tones including this incredible lipstick by Revlon VaVa Violet. And I can’t forget this 5 day old wash and go with tons of volume. Love! Happy Friday :o)




Red Lips…Scandalous?

In honor of my most favorite season and my current TV obsession which premiers tomorrow(!!!) I thought it would be fun to talk about the scandalous topic of red lips.

 As we’ve approached the beautiful season of fall I’ve been particularly drawn to red lipstick because really, what is fall without red!?  Now, this is nothing incredibly new for me as I love to adorn my lips in red, but it made me wonder about the translation of a woman in red lipstick and if there is a stigma attached to women who enjoy wearing the bold color on their lips? I did a little research as this seems to be a very popular topic. 

 Here’s what I learned…

People translate red lips in several different ways.  Some think that wearing red lipstick makes a woman intimidating as it tends to exude power, others think that it can enhance your level of confidence and bravery, and then there are those that think red lipstick translates into purse sex appeal and even a heightened likelihood of being more willing to participate in sexual activity.  In short…if you wear red lipstick there’s a chance that you could easy. 

The Huffington Post did a very interesting article about red lipstick earlier this year that included some very interesting studies about how men and women subconsciously respond to women in red lipstick.  Check out the complete article here

PERSONALLY….I think that red lipstick is fabulous. And here are my reasons why:

·        I think it looks nice on me

·        I LOVE pops of color and nothing pops quite like red lips

·        It is timeless and never goes out of style

·        It can offer such a classic look and I love classic

·        It boosts my confidence

So pretty much, all of the reasons I love red lipstick have nothing to do with anyone but me. At the end of the day the various translations of red lips are meaningless unless I give them merit. As far as I’m concerned wearing red lipstick is just another part of me, being me. And my true BeYou-ty starts there.  POW!


Cheers to bare faces!

It’s not often that I’m without makeup.  Not because I feel the need to wear it constantly, I happen to genuinely love makeup, especially as a creative outlet. The thing is, this is what tends to happen, I get myself ready in the mornings, put on my makeup, then life proceeds to take over from there and as much as I hate to admit it, I sometimes sleep, yes sleep, in my makeup.  Horrible I know. As a result I wake up to an inevitable blemish. Then, I proceed to scold myself about how I know better and then go on to treat my blemishes.  It is a vicious, vicious cycle.  Well, yesterday morning I was in the midst of yet another one of these cycles, but worse. I woke up to not 1 or 2 but 7 blemishes!  I was so disappointed.  I made the conscious decision to go the day without makeup.  To let my pours breathe for the day which I’m sure was long overdue.  And so all day I sported the bare naked face that you see here capturing it in a selfie!  The reactions I got were…interesting. Not bad, but interesting.  Despite the surprising remarks I got, it was a little liberating to wear a bare face. I mean, it’s my face, mine.  It’s not perfect, but it’s mine. So, cheers to the bare faces of women across the world. No matter how fierce of a beat face we accomplish, accepting and loving those bare faces is the beginning of true beauty, the be you kind of beauty.