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Behind My Face Transformation

My husband has always said that he loves my smile, that my face completely transforms when the sides of my mouth curve up. Frankly, I never really knew what to make of that. Did that mean that my every day “I’m just chillin” kinda face isn’t as appealing. Women have a tendency to overthink things and there’s no doubt that this has been one of those overthought topics for me.

Needless to say, I’ve spent a lot of time comparing numerous smiling photos to non smiling photos trying to figure it out. Maybe it’s my eyes. I’ve always had big eyes and they tend to appear smaller when I smile. Maybe it’s the subtle hint of dimples that occur when I smile, or the nearly perfect teeth that spent 3 years in braces. Maybe it’s that.

After going through all of the major and minor differences I finally realized that the true appeal in my smile is found in what lives behind it. Not just the simple feeling of being happy. Don’t get me wrong, happiness is great. But, happiness is only predicated on what happens. It’s more than that. It’s joy. And joy only comes from one entity. Holy Spirit. So now, I do my best to smile a little bit more each day in hopes of sharing The Comforter with someone else who may truly need comforting. In case you happen to be that someone today, this smile is for you.



Cheers to bare faces!

It’s not often that I’m without makeup.  Not because I feel the need to wear it constantly, I happen to genuinely love makeup, especially as a creative outlet. The thing is, this is what tends to happen, I get myself ready in the mornings, put on my makeup, then life proceeds to take over from there and as much as I hate to admit it, I sometimes sleep, yes sleep, in my makeup.  Horrible I know. As a result I wake up to an inevitable blemish. Then, I proceed to scold myself about how I know better and then go on to treat my blemishes.  It is a vicious, vicious cycle.  Well, yesterday morning I was in the midst of yet another one of these cycles, but worse. I woke up to not 1 or 2 but 7 blemishes!  I was so disappointed.  I made the conscious decision to go the day without makeup.  To let my pours breathe for the day which I’m sure was long overdue.  And so all day I sported the bare naked face that you see here capturing it in a selfie!  The reactions I got were…interesting. Not bad, but interesting.  Despite the surprising remarks I got, it was a little liberating to wear a bare face. I mean, it’s my face, mine.  It’s not perfect, but it’s mine. So, cheers to the bare faces of women across the world. No matter how fierce of a beat face we accomplish, accepting and loving those bare faces is the beginning of true beauty, the be you kind of beauty.