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About Today’s Hair

And well…there’s really not a whole lot to tell. Today I decided on a simple twist out bun. I set this style with Eco Styler Gell last night. After deep conditioning a pulled my hair into a high ponytail and made several medium size twists using Eco Styler Gel. This morning I unravelled the twists and tucked the ends under securing them with a few bobby pins. That’s it! Really love the results.





High & Twisted…

…describes today’s hair, and although this is my go to protective style, NONE of my high twisted buns come out the same! I actually really love that :o)

Today I sectioned a high pony into 6 pieces and twisted each section. I kris crossed the two front twists, pined a twist down on the left and right and kris crossed the last two twists in the back. That’s it! Easy and protective!