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Black Head Scarf & Pink Pout

Hey Luvs!

So I know that spring isn’t quite here yet but I am so ready for the season change. And although my wardrobe still says winter I’ve been bringing in not so subtle hints of spring with my makeup!

I adore the high contrast in the colors with this look.

Of course the eye shadows are all from my 2nd edition BH Cosmetics palette and on the lips is a simple black liner combined with a beautiful pink from the Wet ‘n Wild Matte Liquid Lipstick line called Too Tulip To Quit

The headwrap is just a simple black scarf. If you’re interested in seeing how I tie my scarves you can check out a tutorial here

Well, that’s it for now!




Headwrap Heaven

Good morning luvs!

Wash days that are filled with other to-dos can be a struggle. But, today I want to show you how a standard scarf can make it all better. Over the past few weeks I’ve adorned my tresses with three different scarves while I deep conditioned/moisturized my hair. Here’s a look at those looks.

In each of these looks the scarves are tied exactly the same.  I got so much love and requests for details on how I tied the scarves that I decided it could definitely be beneficial to a lot of you. Sooo, I filmed a detailed tutorial in hopes of showing you all how to get a dose of headwrap heaven with scarves you currently own. In addition, I also filmed this beautiful purple and gold makeup look.

To check it out, click here. Enjoy!



All Wrapped Up

Good Morning!

I’ve recently become fascinated with the world of headwraping. I have no idea why I was never drawn to this style before but lately I have been adoring the difference a standard scarf can make!

I’ve mainly been embracing this look on wash days. I will wash my hair, moisturizer it, twist it, put on a satan scarf or bonnet and get wrapped up! I’m able to look really chic for the day just by taking a simple scarf from my wardrobe and wrapping it around my hair. 

As for how I do the wraps, honestly, I make it up as I go along, lol. Here are a few different looks I’ve come up with. Not bad huh?