Redefining the natural hair movement

I see a lot of conversations on whether this crazy onset of natural hair interest is simply a trend or a movement.

From a mass media perspective a trend or movement is heavily based on the number of people involved and the length of time something is considered popular. However, from a life and purpose perspective it’s instead the impact that embracing your natural hair has had on your life that determines it’s reality as a trend or movement.

This nationwide advance of women going natural is actually very personal. So much so that the words trend and movement should be used in a completely different context within this topic. A context of life and purpose rather than media and sales. So, when we think about it that way the true question becomes, how big of a difference has embracing your natural hair made to your life? Has it been a trend, something you’ve done just for fun. Or, has it been a movement, something that’s ended up changing your life.

Personally, my natural hair journey started off just as a trend, but today I can honestly say that embracing my tresses has indeed become a movement. It has revealed gifts in me that I never new I had. But most importantly, it has helped introduce me to something I am purposed to do, motivate, encourage and inspire others.

How would you classify YOUR natural hair journey? Trend or Movement?


4 thoughts on “Redefining the natural hair movement”

  1. I feel like my natural hair journey was more of a realization or an awakening. I was blindly relaxing my hair because it was all I knew, really. I didn’t actually know what my curls looked like. This was my opportunity to get to know myself.

    That being said the information I found to support my introduction to my hair, I think, was part of a movement. And not just a movement of being natural because there are many out there who have a) always been natural or b) been natural for longer than most. It was more a movement of this sharing of information. That when I style my hair I’m going to post it online so it may help someone else. And they will comment and I will reply and there will be a conversation.

    The realization that there are other girls out there with 4C hair, like mine, who wear fun styles and do creative things with their hair and that these gorgeous styles are not limited to straight hair or even long hair. I think this movement has empowered a number of women and men in allowing their hair to grow the way it grows and realizing they aren’t limited and their hair doesn’t have to lie down to be fantastic! It’s really amazing.

    1. Thanks for sharing your comments! I totally agree! It truly is amazing. Realizing that it’s ok to reject the standard and embrace a personal change that has the potential to prosper you in confidence and self-love, that realization in and of itself is a movement.

      1. Also I think a lot of us are scared of the unknown, I know I was. I had anxiety when I cut my hair, all of a sudden: I had no idea what to expect with my curls or what to do with them. It’s funny because it’s not like I chop off my relaxed hair and am immediately presented with a full ‘fro that I now have to somehow manage. I started with a half inch of hair and as my hair grew so did I and my knowledge increased and I had more styling options and I developed a routine that worked for me. So you’re not jumping into the deep end, you’re wading your way in which is great. I’ve gotten to know my hair from it’s new beginning and I really value that. And there are people out there at every single stage of their hair journey. It’s a personal journey, for sure, but you’re never ‘on your own’ really 🙂 I love it.

      2. I know right! 90% of the drama of going natural we create ourselves. It’s one day at a time. Looking back on my newly natural days, it really wasn’t that bad. I have to admit though, there is nothing like having curly support throughout this healthy hair journey. It truly is a blessing :o)

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