Sleek Faux Bob

So I decided to take a shot at a faux bob today. I had twisted my hair in about 6 chunky twists last night, pulled them back into a ponytail and banded the ponytail so my hair was already nice and stretched this morning.



From there I smoothed all of the hair down with my Denman brush and began to tuck it under. The hardest part about achieving this style is not having any hair to secure the bobby pins to. Because of my undercut I had to use several bobby pins to get the hair to stay tucked under. I was hoping to achieve a neck length bob but I got as close as I could.

Here are the final results. What do you think? Oh and in case you’re wondering, the lippie is VaVa Violet by Revlon. One of my fall favs!






Midnight Flexi Rod Set

Around 12:30am after some movie watching with hubby, I spontaneously decided to test out the flexi rods I bought on Friday.

I bought two different diameter sizes 7/8″ and 6/8″ both 10″ long. To set the style I used the Shea Moisture Curling Gel SoufflĂ©.

I’ve heard that flexi rod sets work best on soaking wet hair but I knew they wouldn’t have enough time to dry if I did that, so I just applied them on damp hair.




I slept with my satin bonnet but as I’m sure you can imagine flexi rods are no fun to sleep on. But, they’re no worse than bantu knots. I kept the rods in until about 11:30am this morning. I unravelled them to find beautiful definition on hair that was unfortunately still slightly damp.




Although the definition only lasted for a few hours there is no doubt that this style has the potential to be amazing! Next time, I’ll be sure to plan my rod set and assure that they have plenty of time to dry.

Have a great day loves!

Two Chunky Twists, That’s It!

Good morning loves!!

Most of my styles are fairly easy to do and take no more than 15-20 minutes. Well today’s look was even easier and took 10 minutes tops! I used Shea Moisture Curl & Style Milk to prep. Here’s how I did it:

I separated my hair into two ponytails. One on the top and one on the bottom.

I very loosely twisted each ponytail. This creates more dimension and depth for the style.

I secured the big chunky twist on the top to the right side of the second ponytail with a bobby pin.

For the chunky twist on the bottom I pinned it up to the left side of the ponytail on the top.

Super simple! Two chunky twists, that’s it!