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Teyonah Parris Inspired Vintage Look

Hi luvs!

I’d never attempted to re-create a look before but when I saw the picture below of Teyonah Parris’ beautiful vintage look for the African American Film Critics Gala in January, I thought this was one I definitely wanted to give a try.


 Styled by the extremely talented Felicia Leatherwood, who I truly admire, I started thinking about how I could even remotely do this style justice. Well last week I went in on both the hair and makeup and here is how it turned out

Not bad right!? I was pretty pleased so you can only imagine my excitement when both Felicia Leatherwood AND Teyonah Parris said they also adored my finished product😝😝😝


Absolutely made my week! Want to see that step by step on how I got this entire look (hair & makeup)? Just click here.




Vintage Wand Curl Style

Good morning luvs!

Today I’ve got the how-to on a classic style. I used my new wand curler by One ‘N Only to achieve some super soft but textured curls, and styled them into this vintage updo.

I adored this looks and was really happy with results especially considering that this was my first time using a wand curler. 

Want the deets? Click here