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3 Undercut Myths

Hi beauties!

I’m always talking about how much I adore having an undercut and how the decision to go for it was one of the best decisions I’ve made.  Since then I can’t tell you howmany comments, misconceptions and myths I’ve seen about what it’s like to have an undercut. Today I want to share with you what I personally feel the 3 most common myths are and give you my personal insight. 

1. It’s less work

Ok, so it’s pretty natural to think that if you cut off a chunk of your hair you’ll have the benefit of it being a lot less work. Not necessarily so. Cleansing, conditioning, mousturizing, it’s all still very important to your overall hair care. Having an undercut doesn’t give you a pass to skipping any of these steps. So, don’t let the idea of having an undercut equalling less work for you be your reason to join the cut life because you will be disappointed.

2. You’re going to get bored quickly

This is the probably the most common myth about having an undercut.  I personally do my best every day to showcase how untrue this is. Just because your friend got bored with hers doesn’t mean you’re going to have the same experience! After I did my undercut my styling options actually increased dramatically! If you think you’re going to get bored quickly with having an undercut, I invite you to take a stroll trough my Instagram feed. Trust me, you won’t bet bored. Here’s just a sampling:

3. You’re too old for an undercut

Say what!? That’s kind of my reaction to this one. If you feel like you want to try something different with your hair, please don’t let your age or your fear of what other people will think hold you back. You are not too old for an undercut!

That’s it! I hope you’ve found this to be helpful. I get so excited when I see more beauties stop contemplating an undercut and just go for it! 

Hair Cut’s Coming!

Hey loves!

Soooo….I’ve been thinking about it and I’m about 90% sure that a new hair cut is coming! Y’all know I get bored easily, plus it’s starting to get nice and toasty outside. 

I had plans to get my hair cut by this great stylist out of NY that’s coming to ATL this week (@vincenzo_stylist) but as it turns out…that’s just not in the budget right now. Ah well!! Ya’ll know that’s not going to stop me.  Hubby and I will take to this head of mine and come up with something fierce just like last time. 

I am still very much in love with my undercut but I’ve still got a whole lot of hair on my head! 

I definitely want enough to do some creative styles with but I want more shape. 

I’ve been getting a lot of cut inspiration from Pinterest and @thecutlife and have some great ideas about what I want to do, but no one will know for sure what it will be until I post results!  Just wanted to get you all as excited as I am. You’ll be seeing more of this very soon!  Stay tuned!