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3 Undercut Styles For A Corporate Job

Hi beauties!

Today I wanted to talk about 3 easy undercut styles that you can rock in a corporate environment. Now, I’ve personally worn a lot more out of the box styles to my corporate job but if you’re afraid to rock the boat or just aren’t ready to go too creative, here are a few styles you can add to your go to hairstyle arsenal.

1. Side Front flat twist – this style is very chic and conservative. It highlights just one side of the undercut and is a fairly easy  and fit for a corporate workplace. Here are two different versions 

 Click here for a tutorial for this look.  

2. Side Swept Mega French Roll/Twists – This is another chic and look that is more conservative for a undercut style.  It also focuses on just one side of the undercut and is very sleek. Here are a couple different looks.
 Click here for a tutorial for this look.  

3. High Bun – Although this style does boast the entire undercut it is incredibly sleek and clean. 


That’s it! Three easy go to undercut styles you can use if you work in corporate. I hope this was helpful!