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Cheers to bare faces!

It’s not often that I’m without makeup.  Not because I feel the need to wear it constantly, I happen to genuinely love makeup, especially as a creative outlet. The thing is, this is what tends to happen, I get myself ready in the mornings, put on my makeup, then life proceeds to take over from there and as much as I hate to admit it, I sometimes sleep, yes sleep, in my makeup.  Horrible I know. As a result I wake up to an inevitable blemish. Then, I proceed to scold myself about how I know better and then go on to treat my blemishes.  It is a vicious, vicious cycle.  Well, yesterday morning I was in the midst of yet another one of these cycles, but worse. I woke up to not 1 or 2 but 7 blemishes!  I was so disappointed.  I made the conscious decision to go the day without makeup.  To let my pours breathe for the day which I’m sure was long overdue.  And so all day I sported the bare naked face that you see here capturing it in a selfie!  The reactions I got were…interesting. Not bad, but interesting.  Despite the surprising remarks I got, it was a little liberating to wear a bare face. I mean, it’s my face, mine.  It’s not perfect, but it’s mine. So, cheers to the bare faces of women across the world. No matter how fierce of a beat face we accomplish, accepting and loving those bare faces is the beginning of true beauty, the be you kind of beauty.