Serving a little twist out definition today

On the natural hair style menu today we have a simple updo with a little twist out definition up front.

Just after posting a blog entry about saving time by not setting my hair at night anymore I decided to test my theory again. Yep! It’s still true.

I spent about twenty minutes last night twisting my hair. I did some smaller twists up front and chunky twists in the back.


This morning I get up and got to work on trying to figure out how to style this mane of mine. After about 25 minutes of playing with different ideas I finally find one I’m happy with. Here’s the final look today and the step by step:

To achieve this look I set my hair the night before with about twelve small twists in the front and eight chunky twists in the back. I used Shea Moisture Curl & Style milk and Eco Styler gel for the twists.

In the morning I unraveled all of the twists. I separated the chunky twists started on the right side and twisted/tucked the hair up and around. Then I placed a few bobby pins to secure the hair. The front smaller twists were swooped to the side and secured with a bobby pin. That’s it!





While I truly love the final look I think I’ll reserve setting my hair at night for just a few times a month when I’m craving curl definition. Other than that I think I’ll keep my half hour at night and spend it with this little guy ❤



5 thoughts on “Serving a little twist out definition today”

  1. So what do you do instead? I mean how do you generally wear your hair? I am at a loss for hairstyles currently. I love your hair.

    1. Thank you!! I typically stick with twist style updos during the week which you can find through out my blog. They are quick and easy but still allow for a great amount of creativity. Setting styles at night tends to take more time than I like to give so I just put my hair in a bonnet at night spritz it with some water and apply some Shea Moisture Curl & Style Milk and go to work. Doesn’t typically take me more than 25 minutes on a given day.

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