My Color Damage & Restoration Story

Good morning luvs,
Today’s post is all about color damage. Over the past 12 months I have experimented A LOT with color. I’ve had a lot of fun with my hair color and have enjoyed the looks I’ve attained immensely. I always knew going in to coloring my hair that getting color damage was a possibility. I made the sound decision to do it anyway. I chose to share this story with you all for several reasons

  1.  I love you guys
  2. I want to be transparent 
  3. I want to inform you all
  4. I want to be able to share my restoration story as it continues to unfold

Since I posted the video on my YouTube channel las night, there have already been some strongly opinionated comments made, which I know is inevitable. I just want to make sure that it is clear that coloring my hair was my choice. The same as going natural and getting and undercut were my choices. I stand behind my choices completely and was prepared to face the consequences of coloring my hair from the moment I did it. And most importantly, I AM NOT traumatized by this experience. I’ve been natural for 5 years and consider this as another part of my hair journey.  

Here are some photo highlights.

First color treatment. Hair still thick and healthy

When I first brought in the gender blonde. Still thick & healthy

My hair finally at the color I was trying to achieve

A comparison from a style after just the first color treatment vs when it started to thin out after the last color treatment. Same style, totally different look.


My stretched hair comparison

My color damage at its worse

I have now cut all of the damaged ends and am continuing to help restore my hair. More to come on exactly what I’m doing to do that.

I hope that you all find this helpful. To see my full color damage and restoration story and how I cut my hair click here.




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