The Look That Went Viral

Okay…maybe semi viral. Either way this week has been pretty amazing for TJLuvsBeingNatural. I’m so excited about how many different people I’ve inspired this week with my styles. I’ve gotten somewhere around 500 new Instagram followers, 100 new Facebook followers and about 100 new followers for my YouTube channel that I recently started back up. All of this awesomeness started on Monday with this look and picture.


I called this hair of the day 3 Chunky Tucked Twists. Everyone just seemed to really like it. It was featured on several different natural hair pages was shared several times on Facebook and was featured in Good Hair Magazines blog article “7 Stunning Lady Fades”. The last time I checked there were 15K views on Facebook and over 500K on Instagram I’m sure. I so love inspiring people ❤

Needless to say I'll probably end up doing a tutorial for this look this weekend.


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