World Natural Hair Show HOTD

This past weekend I attended the Taliah Waajid World Natural Hair Show.  This was my second time attending with my first being back in May of this year so I figured I new what to expect.  I was hoping to network with some of the bigger brands to discuss possible sponsorships for some things I have planned for the Curly Christians brand.  To my surprise the vendor attendance was nothing like it was in May.  It was much smaller so unfortunately I didn’t do much networking. I did however attend the Naturals After Dark Fashion Show which was great!  There were some talented fashion designers and very cool entertainment.

As for my hair of the day for the event, I decided on a twisted updo which turned out to be probably my most elaborate style yet!  I LOVED it and so did a lot of other naturalistas.  Its a total of 6 twists. Not super tough but not something I’d put together during the work week either. Here are some pics






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