Last Week’s Hair Recap

Hi beauties!

Another crazy week! But I wanted to give you guys a recap of my natural hairstyles from the week. Let’s jump right in.

This first was definitely the most popular style of the week. I got a lot of positive feedback on this one with interest on how I created the look. Think I’ll pull this one out and do a separate post with deets so stay tuned. To sum it up its a pompadour twist with a twisted bun.




This next style is a simple flat twist and a twisted bun. Loved this look.



Next look is three twisted buns with a lot if dimension. It looks complex but is super simple.


Up next, a pompadour and puff. This was a little different for me but I really like the way it turned out! Here’s a look at how I paired it up too.



And the last look of the week is actually my favorite. I pulled a twist forward and paired it with a high bun.



That’s it! Which look do you like best?

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