Frizzy Works

Today I decided to embrace the frizz! I re-wet yesterday’s wash and go and threw it up in a loose ponytail leaving just a little out in the front. Typically I would add just a little Eco Styler to help redefine the curls but today I decided not to do that.

See, the thing about natural hair is, frizzy works!






3 thoughts on “Frizzy Works”

  1. Frizz does work, when it still has some curl definition. I still have to get used to frizz on my own hair that has no curl definition. Once all my curl is gone, and it have a “Fro”, it’s time to be protective. don’t get me wrong, Fros work for many people. It’s just something that I have to get used to for my own hair. As a newby, one step at a time! Your frizz looks great. Still has lots of curl.

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