This Happened Today

I have been craving for a trip to Walgreens so I finally make the trip today and what do I find?! Shea Moisture products on sale by one get one free!! Unfortunately for me they were all out of the curl milk. So…I’ll be off to another Walgreens until I find it and can take advantage of this awesome sale.

After being slightly disappointed I made a stop at CVS and picked up this
NYX matte lip gloss.


I’ve been wanting to try it out and I’m glad I did. I have mixed feelings about the color but I love the concept of matte lip gloss. I’ll definitely try more colors. Here are some pics.





7 thoughts on “This Happened Today”

  1. So I am new to this natural hair world and I want to try the shea products.Currently, I am using curls unleashed and ugh not really a huge fan of it. I tried it once and hated it felt like it did nothing to my hair. So after only using it once and hating it I am giving it another try. I did like my curls today but my hair was dry I didn’t like that at all. So if you have an advice please share! Thanks!

    1. Well first, congrats on starting your natural hair journey! Product testing can be frustrating and expensive. I’ve also tried Curls Unleashed products and wasn’t very pleased with the line either. I seem to finally have settled on Shea Moisture products. They are great for helping to retain moisture which is critical for my naturally dry and color treated hair. I would definitely recommend this line of products. However, with that being said different heads of hair respond differently to the same products. It’s about what works for you. If might be worth it to try out a product subscription like curlBOX or CurlKit to try new products but keep costs down. This all probably sounds complex but trust me, it’s worth it!! There’s nothing like natural hair :o)

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