Happy Independence/National Afro Day!

Hello loves,

I hope that you all enjoyed the 4th. In addition to celebrating our Nation’s Independence it’s also National Afro Day, who new! I sure didn’t. Naturalistas are encouraged to rock their kinky, curly fros in celebration.

Naturally I fully intended on participating. So, last night I put my dry hair in 8 chunky twists and pulled them back in a hair tie in an effort to add some length to my fro for today. I unravelled the twists and brushed them out with my denman brush.

I ended up loving the look but it wasn’t quite full enough to create the fro I was hoping for. Ah well!! Looks like I discovered another way to achieve a blowout look without heat!

Here are some pics







5 thoughts on “Happy Independence/National Afro Day!”

  1. Happy afro day!! i don’t have an afro of course, but your’s is amazing ❤ you look beautiful 🙂

  2. I’m natural also, I love it. I saw your the posting for your updo congrats! I love it! You look pretty, thanks for all your hair tips. Happy afro day.

  3. Wow, that’s all you had to do to get your hair to look that way? What type hair do you have? Didn’t know about National Afro day..but I definitely rocked mine! 🙂

    1. Thanks for commenting. Yep! That was all I did. I’ll definitely where my hair like this more often. I loved it! I know…it’s crazy but no I didn’t know about National Afro Day. I absolutely love the idea though. Every naturalista should take part.

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