Mother’s Day & A Trip To Target

Good morning loves!

I hope you all are doing great and that all of the mommies had a fabulous Mother’s Day. I celebrated all weekend with family but started off with a long overdue trip to Target!

They had some pretty good deals going on but my true purpose for going was to check our the Carol’s Daughter product line that they now carry. Now, I only started off with two products but I can totally see this being trouble for me. I love Carol’s Daughter products and this new level of accessibility is going to give me an even better opportunity to try more products!

To start I picked up the Hair Milk Moisturizer and Styling Pudding. I also picked up a black handbag which I was in desperate need of a super cute wallet and some miscellaneous beauty goodies. All in all, was an awesome weekend. Here are a few pics.






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