2 Ways To Use Shapes With Your Next Updo

Hi luvs!

Today I want to talk a bit about shape an angles when it comes to hairstyles. In my YouTube video 3 Keys To Developing Creative Styles which you can watch here, I talk about how embracing shape and angles opens up more opportunity for styling options. 

Here are the two main shapes I tend to embrace to come up with unique looks:

1. Circles: you might not realize it but circular styles are easy to come up with, outside of a typical halo/crown braid or bun. Here are a few different styles where I embraced a circular shape or rounded edges. 

2. Triangles – triangular shapes allow me to achieve some really unique looks up front and they tend to be really bold. Take a look at these styles where I embraced a trianglular shape

The easiest way  to achieve these circular or triangular looks is by using 1 or more sections of twisted hair and pulling and pinning them until they form the shape you’re looking for. You can also try to just form the hair into the shape and secure with bobby pins along the way, but this is a bit more difficult. 

That’s it beauties! Try embracing one of these shapes with your next experimental updo and see where you end up.


Soft Bouncy Defined Curls

Hi Beauties!

Who doesn’t love big soft bouncy defined curls!? I was so excited to have successfully achieved this type of curl this weekend. Take a look at these gorgeous curls! 

How’d I do it? Well….I set my hair with flexi rods using the Creme of Nature Style & Shine Foaming Mousse I got in my May curlBOX.  I used 7/8″ and 6/8″ flexi rods, both 10″ long. I used the smaller rods in the front and the larger rods in the back.

I installed the rods by starting half way down each section of hair, wrapping the bottom half around the rod and then rolling the rod the rest of the way up.

I kept the rods in overnight and removed them in the morning. My hair was extremely soft! So much so that I was afraid of losing curl definition. NOT the case.

I separated each curl 2 or 3 times and added no additional product. So in love with these results!

My New Hair Color

Hi Luvs!

I’m so excited to share my new hair color with you beauties. The May curlBOX was filled with a bunch of goodies by Creme of Nature including the new Intensive Red hair color. 

You can check out my complete product review of all the products in the box here.

So, I decided that I just wanted some pops of color so I didn’t saturate my hair in the color. I did a big chunky section in the front and added some color to the ends of my hair in the back.  

This was my very first time coloring my own hair. It was fairly simple and I would definitely do it again. I am in love with the results!! It’s subtle enough for work, but still gives me the pop of color I was looking for. 

Here are some styles that really allowed my new color to stand out.

What do you think??